1. Recently-opened timberyard on Old Street has a lovely chilled-out atmosphere at the weekend. The weekday media types have cleared out and there’s room for the locals to stretch out, especially downstairs, which has a great selection of higgledy piggledy wing backs and rocking chairs, and antique trunks for coffee tables.

    There’s a ridiculously appealing and original choice of banana cakes, peanut cookies and raspberry brownies and an equally impressive list of teas. They even provide a timer to ensure you don’t over-brew.

    If you’re looking for a less intense old st coffee break than their packed-out neighbour, Look Mum No Hands!, then you won’t be disappointed with timberyard.

    Free wifi? Yes
    Loyalty card? Yes
    Serve decaf? Yes
    Weekends? Yes
    Open after 6? Yes

    67 Old Street EC1V 9HW

    by Emma Bradfield

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